On the first floor of the former Franciscan monastery in Hostinné are located the exhibition spaces of the town museum. The exposition represents the historical development of Hostinné - one of the oldest towns in the Krkonoše foothills. The displays installed in the Franciscan cells are dated from the second half of the 17th century. There you can find captured history of colonization on the Upper Elbe region in the early 13th century and founding of Hostinné in the second half of the 13th century, alongside of all the major historical events up to the decisive moments that resulted in the Second World War. The historical exhibition paints a picture of the city’s development during 750 years of its existence. Part of the exhibition space is devoted to the influence of the members of the Order of St. Francis. You can also see the unique set of lunettes showing the life of the founder of this order from the years 1688-1721 and a collection of carved beehives from the late 18th century. There is also an ancestral hall to remember the important and famous people from Hostinné.